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Be Comfortable in Tights Spandex

I never knew what I was missing until the day I discovered tights spandex. In fact, I would have thought it was a bit unmanly to wear any kind of tights no matter what kind of material they are made from. It always seemed to me that tights were just not meant for men to be wearing. Oh how wrong I was! It all started with a rather drunken moment of clowning around as so many of these things do. My friend was talking about pantyhose for some reason and then sort of segued into the subject of tights. We all laughed at him, of course, but he decided to go and pull out a pair of them anyway.

His tights spandex were black and rather opaque. To prove a point that now escapes me, he began to try to put on the tights by balancing on one foot. It took a while as the rest of us watched in drunken fascination. Truthfully, I think we were all just waiting for him to fall on his face. Miraculously, however, he managed to stay upright and get the tights on his legs. He pulled them up and then sashayed around as if modeling them for us. Turning this way and that, he started to gain our attention. We all began to notice just how well the tights defined his leg muscles and, soon, we all wanted to try them on to see how they looked on us.

I was the next one to give the tights spandex a try. It was just as awkward for me to put them on as it had been for him. In addition, I was not quite so lucky when it came to staying on my feet. Several times, I landed on my ass while trying to pull these things over my feet. Of course, this caused quite uproarious laughter at my expense, but I finally accomplished my goal. Those tights felt so great on my legs that the other men present had to hold me down and take them off of me because I refused to give them up willingly. I don’t have to worry about sharing now, though. I have quite the wardrobe of these tights and wear them all the time.


The Miracle of Tights Spandex

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Tights spandex may seem like an odd thing for a man to wear, but it will become totally understandable once you try it out for yourself. There are many great things about these tights. They tend to make you look a bit slimmer in your clothes, for one thing. That means that, even if you drank a few too many beers over the weekend, you will still look neat and trim in your suit on Monday when you head off to work. They help you hold everything in rather than just letting it all hang out and down. Not only that, but these tights do it in quite a comfortable way. You can hardly tell that you have on something like this.

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The real miracle of tights spandex, though, is the relaxation that it brings into your life. There is nothing more calming that slipping into a pair of these tights. As soon as you have them on, that sense of peacefulness permeates your entire being. Then you can go about your day with a genuine smile on your face. You will feel as if you don’t have a care in the world once that spandex is in place and molded against your bare skin. People don’t realize just how magical these tights can actually be. That’s why it is important to try them on at least one time to see how they make you feel.

If you give tights spandex a chance, you will quickly see just how much they will change your life. Nothing has ever been invented that comes close to matching the sensation that these tights produce while they are hugging your hips, thighs and calves. It is a feeling much akin to floating on a cloud without a care in the world. There is nothing that can compare to the feeling. If more men wore these tights, there would probably be less of a need for such things as tranquilizers in the world. The pharmaceutical companies would start to shut down because their products would no longer be needed as everyone was wearing these incredible spandex garments. Yes, it is a fantasy, but a nice one.


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Feeling Great in Tights Spandex



I never dreamed that I would participate in wearing something as controversial as tights spandex, but here I am today with one of the largest and most varied collections of these tights that you’re ever likely to see. All you have to do is look into my closet and you’ll find a plethora of styles, designs and colors of these tights. Since I always wear them no matter what sort of clothes I have on, I do need as many of them as possible.


Getting involved with wearing these items wasn’t something that I went searching for in the past. It was something that a friend of mine introduced me to and I realized that just slipping into these tights spandex brought a sense of comfort to me that nothing else ever had. You see, my friend had been wearing them for most of his adult life and he just decided one day that he wanted to share his secret with someone. Since he and I were pretty close friends, he chose me to be that trusted person that he would tell. I have to admit that I was kind of blown away by it at first as I had never known that such a thing existed. I mean, I wasn’t so surprised that there were tights made from spandex, but I was surprised that men enjoyed wearing them.


Those first tights spandex put me in the best mood that I had been in for a long time. My legs felt as if they were being massaged by the most talented and skilled of all masseuses. At first I just stood there and reveled in the sensations that my legs were being treated to, not wanting to move and break the spell. When I finally did start to walk and move around, I knew that I had to purchase my own pair of these amazing garments. That’s how it all got started with me and now I’m one of the most relaxed and comfortable men I know.


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Sharing My Tights Spandex



When I first started getting into the whole tights spandex thing, I didn’t want anyone to know that’s what I was doing. You have to admit that this is a pretty unique thing for guys to get into and there are more people than not that will not understand what the fascination is with these items. I didn’t want anyone to make fun of me so I didn’t say anything. But that all changed when I met my current partner. He has the most open mind of anyone that I’ve ever met and I am so lucky to have met him.


For a while, I didn’t let him know that I loved wearing tights spandex. I would just wear them under my pants and take them off on the nights that we went out together. That all became a bit more difficult, though, when we decided to take our relationship to the next level and move in together. That was the point that I knew I would have to make a choice. I would have to either tell him about my fascination for these tights or simply give up wearing them. It might sound stupid to agonize over choosing between a clothing item and a romantic relationship, but that’s just how attached I am to my tights.


In the end, I decided to confess my love for tights spandex to my partner and was relieved to discover that he didn’t mind at all. In fact, he has even joined me on occasion in wearing them when we got out for a night on the town. He doesn’t care that I like wearing these items and actually has bought me several pairs for various special occasions. Sometimes we both wear them as part of our sexual encounters, too. Now that is a lot of fun, I must say. As it turned out, sharing my little fetish was the best thing that I could have done.

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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!

Learning to Love Tights Spandex

I have a friend that wears tights spandex every single day. I asked him once why he wears something like that and all he said was to try them on myself and I would understand. So I went shopping and purchased some of my own tights and did exactly what he said I should do; I tried them on. It has been three months since I tried on my first pair of tights and I don’t see myself taking them off anytime soon. I don’t mean that I have been wearing them non-stop, but I don’t see any reason to not wear them now.



I fell in love with these tights spandex items almost as soon as I pulled them all the way up and I haven’t looked back. It’s amazing how something like this can feel so comfortable even under my pants, and I think everyone should try them out. My friend was right; you have to try them on yourself in order to truly understand what it is like to wear them. Mere words aren’t enough to explain to someone how good they feel or how they make you feel about yourself while you are wearing them.

If you ever do decide to try on tights spandex, then I would suggest that you shave your legs so that they are nice and smooth. You might not have the same issues that I did if you don’t, but it seemed like the material had the tendency to pull the hair on my legs as I moved around during the day. It wasn’t painful or anything, but it was a bit annoying and itchy for me until I realized I could stop it from happening by keeping my legs shaved. It also makes you look a lot sexier if you do it this way.


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Living with my Tights Spandex


I started wearing tights Spandex once I realized that I couldn’t live without some kind of Spandex item on my body. I fell into this Spandex fetish extremely hard and knowing that I was going to be laughed at because of some of the items I wanted to wear was giving me a mild panic attack. I needed something that no one was going to notice but was still made from the material I loved so much. That is when I came across my first pair of tights and realized that I could wear them all day long and no one would ever know.

I have been wearing tights Spandex items for a couple of years now and can put into words just how great they are. I don’t have to worry about anyone seeing that I am wearing something made from Spandex since they fit perfectly under my clothes. Not only that but I get to feel nothing except my Spandex when I have these tights on so it’s like I don’t have any clothes on in my mind. If I were to wear a Spandex suit to the office, people would probably flip out, but something like this that I can hide is absolutely perfect.


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I have even found tights Spandex designs that I can wear in other places as well so I can change them out. I used to wear the same design all day long and then change into an exact match to that design when I got home. Now, however, I have some designs that I wear at home and some that I wear to the office. I even have a separate design that I enjoy wearing out on the town during the weekends. They are all cut differently and offer different aspects to my life that the other designs might not give to me.


My Tights Spandex Compromise


Deciding to wear tights Spandex is something that requires a good bit of thought. I know you probably just want to jump into some tights and run around town showing them off, but that might not be such a good idea. There are a lot of people in this world that wouldn’t understand why someone would wear an item like this, especially a guy. You want to make sure that what you are getting yourself into is something that you are going to be able to handle in your life without freaking out every time someone looks at you funny.

I wanted to wear tights Spandex for a very long time, but I knew that none of my friends would understand it. I thought about wearing them just around the house but that didn’t seem to be the best solution. I wanted to be able to wear my tights all the time and knowing that my friends would think I was crazy made me second guess that decision. So I sat at my computer looking at all the great designs that were available and wishing that I had the confidence to try some on for myself.

It took me a couple of years before I was able to finally make the decision to purchase tights Spandex items and actually try them on. I got tired of hiding behind what others would think of me, although I still don’t wear them in public unless they are under my normal clothing. I still get to wear them all the time, which is great, but constantly trying to keep them a secret is starting to get real annoying. I would love to be able to just wear my tights and nothing else and have everyone around me accept me for that, but I don’t think the world is ready for that kind of a change just yet.


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Feeling Sexy in Tights Spandex


If you are the type of guy that enjoys wearing tights Spandex, they you already know about the comfort you can get from them. The people that aren’t willing to wear them have no idea what they are missing out on and it doesn’t matter how much guys like me try to explain it, either. They will refuse to wear something like this simply because they don’t understand it. I find that extremely sad to know that there are still some people in this world that think in this manner and I hope to change their minds on a regular basis.

I wear my tights Spandex simply because they offer me the ability to be sexy no matter what I am doing. I like feeling sexy and the people that know me well understand that being sexy is something I pride myself on. I spend a lot of time at the gym making sure that my body is in shape so that I can wear my tights without worrying about things sticking out that shouldn’t be there. I also enjoy wearing my tights when I am at home and no one else is around but then, I don’t have anything else covering them up.


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Wearing tights Spandex is something that I feel every guy should try at least once in his life. Although if they did try them once, they would find that they never want to take them off again. They will end up jumping on their computer to purchase multiple sets of tights so that they can have a greater variety of tights to wear on a regular basis. Those are the guys that I want to hang out with since they finally came to the understanding of why these things are so great. I hope to see more of these guys in the future and probably will.

No Way to Get Me Out of My Tights Spandex

Wearing my tights Spandex has become a habit for me that I simply refuse to break. It doesn’t matter what I am doing or where I am going; if there is a way of sneaking my tights in with me, I am certainly going to try. I think every guy should have something in his life that he truly enjoys and my tights are what I enjoy. Even when people notice that I am wearing them and start making comments, I am still the most comfortable man in the room and nothing they can say is going to change any of that.

Now if anything happened where I couldn’t wear my tights Spandex, then that would be a travesty for me. I don’t know how I would react to something like that happening to me. I can’t even really think about anything that might cause me to lose my tights for an extended period of time; except maybe the end of the world or something. Even then, I would try to survive long enough to find another pair of tights for me to wear. Maybe that would allow me to die a happy, if not completely lost, man.

Since I don’t plan on having anything like that happen to keep me out of my tights Spandex, I will keep living my life the way I have been. There is nothing out there that can change my mind about how I should feel when wearing something of this nature. I can’t imagine anyone coming up to me and giving me any reason to get me out of them, either. But I am glad that there aren’t a rash of muggings happening with people having their tights stolen from them at gun point. That could be one way of getting me out of them rather quickly. However, since I don’t ever see that happening, I feel pretty safe.


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