No Way to Get Me Out of My Tights Spandex

Wearing my tights Spandex has become a habit for me that I simply refuse to break. It doesn’t matter what I am doing or where I am going; if there is a way of sneaking my tights in with me, I am certainly going to try. I think every guy should have something in his life that he truly enjoys and my tights are what I enjoy. Even when people notice that I am wearing them and start making comments, I am still the most comfortable man in the room and nothing they can say is going to change any of that.

Now if anything happened where I couldn’t wear my tights Spandex, then that would be a travesty for me. I don’t know how I would react to something like that happening to me. I can’t even really think about anything that might cause me to lose my tights for an extended period of time; except maybe the end of the world or something. Even then, I would try to survive long enough to find another pair of tights for me to wear. Maybe that would allow me to die a happy, if not completely lost, man.

Since I don’t plan on having anything like that happen to keep me out of my tights Spandex, I will keep living my life the way I have been. There is nothing out there that can change my mind about how I should feel when wearing something of this nature. I can’t imagine anyone coming up to me and giving me any reason to get me out of them, either. But I am glad that there aren’t a rash of muggings happening with people having their tights stolen from them at gun point. That could be one way of getting me out of them rather quickly. However, since I don’t ever see that happening, I feel pretty safe.


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Comfort in Tights Spandex

Comfort in Tights Spandex

Wearing tights Spandex is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I can’t put into words the excitement I feel when I get the chance to put my tights on after a hard day at work, or just for the fun of it. I try not to wear my tights out in public all that much since they are fairly noticeable by people that are actually paying attention to what I am wearing. But wearing them around my house means that I don’t have to worry about covering them up with a layer of other types of clothing.

The tights Spandex that I enjoy wearing are full blown body suits. It’s a personal decision to wear things like that, but there are some guys that prefer the two piece options and only wear one at a time. I tried doing that, but never did manage to get the same level of comfort and excitement out of them. Now, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find those things in your choice of tights, but if you don’t, you shouldn’t give up on them completely. There is always a chance that you will be able to find at least one style or design that will make you happy.


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