Be Comfortable in Tights Spandex

I never knew what I was missing until the day I discovered tights spandex. In fact, I would have thought it was a bit unmanly to wear any kind of tights no matter what kind of material they are made from. It always seemed to me that tights were just not meant for men to be wearing. Oh how wrong I was! It all started with a rather drunken moment of clowning around as so many of these things do. My friend was talking about pantyhose for some reason and then sort of segued into the subject of tights. We all laughed at him, of course, but he decided to go and pull out a pair of them anyway.

His tights spandex were black and rather opaque. To prove a point that now escapes me, he began to try to put on the tights by balancing on one foot. It took a while as the rest of us watched in drunken fascination. Truthfully, I think we were all just waiting for him to fall on his face. Miraculously, however, he managed to stay upright and get the tights on his legs. He pulled them up and then sashayed around as if modeling them for us. Turning this way and that, he started to gain our attention. We all began to notice just how well the tights defined his leg muscles and, soon, we all wanted to try them on to see how they looked on us.

I was the next one to give the tights spandex a try. It was just as awkward for me to put them on as it had been for him. In addition, I was not quite so lucky when it came to staying on my feet. Several times, I landed on my ass while trying to pull these things over my feet. Of course, this caused quite uproarious laughter at my expense, but I finally accomplished my goal. Those tights felt so great on my legs that the other men present had to hold me down and take them off of me because I refused to give them up willingly. I don’t have to worry about sharing now, though. I have quite the wardrobe of these tights and wear them all the time.


Learning to Love Tights Spandex

I have a friend that wears tights spandex every single day. I asked him once why he wears something like that and all he said was to try them on myself and I would understand. So I went shopping and purchased some of my own tights and did exactly what he said I should do; I tried them on. It has been three months since I tried on my first pair of tights and I don’t see myself taking them off anytime soon. I don’t mean that I have been wearing them non-stop, but I don’t see any reason to not wear them now.



I fell in love with these tights spandex items almost as soon as I pulled them all the way up and I haven’t looked back. It’s amazing how something like this can feel so comfortable even under my pants, and I think everyone should try them out. My friend was right; you have to try them on yourself in order to truly understand what it is like to wear them. Mere words aren’t enough to explain to someone how good they feel or how they make you feel about yourself while you are wearing them.

If you ever do decide to try on tights spandex, then I would suggest that you shave your legs so that they are nice and smooth. You might not have the same issues that I did if you don’t, but it seemed like the material had the tendency to pull the hair on my legs as I moved around during the day. It wasn’t painful or anything, but it was a bit annoying and itchy for me until I realized I could stop it from happening by keeping my legs shaved. It also makes you look a lot sexier if you do it this way.


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Living with my Tights Spandex


I started wearing tights Spandex once I realized that I couldn’t live without some kind of Spandex item on my body. I fell into this Spandex fetish extremely hard and knowing that I was going to be laughed at because of some of the items I wanted to wear was giving me a mild panic attack. I needed something that no one was going to notice but was still made from the material I loved so much. That is when I came across my first pair of tights and realized that I could wear them all day long and no one would ever know.

I have been wearing tights Spandex items for a couple of years now and can put into words just how great they are. I don’t have to worry about anyone seeing that I am wearing something made from Spandex since they fit perfectly under my clothes. Not only that but I get to feel nothing except my Spandex when I have these tights on so it’s like I don’t have any clothes on in my mind. If I were to wear a Spandex suit to the office, people would probably flip out, but something like this that I can hide is absolutely perfect.


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I have even found tights Spandex designs that I can wear in other places as well so I can change them out. I used to wear the same design all day long and then change into an exact match to that design when I got home. Now, however, I have some designs that I wear at home and some that I wear to the office. I even have a separate design that I enjoy wearing out on the town during the weekends. They are all cut differently and offer different aspects to my life that the other designs might not give to me.


No Way to Get Me Out of My Tights Spandex

Wearing my tights Spandex has become a habit for me that I simply refuse to break. It doesn’t matter what I am doing or where I am going; if there is a way of sneaking my tights in with me, I am certainly going to try. I think every guy should have something in his life that he truly enjoys and my tights are what I enjoy. Even when people notice that I am wearing them and start making comments, I am still the most comfortable man in the room and nothing they can say is going to change any of that.

Now if anything happened where I couldn’t wear my tights Spandex, then that would be a travesty for me. I don’t know how I would react to something like that happening to me. I can’t even really think about anything that might cause me to lose my tights for an extended period of time; except maybe the end of the world or something. Even then, I would try to survive long enough to find another pair of tights for me to wear. Maybe that would allow me to die a happy, if not completely lost, man.

Since I don’t plan on having anything like that happen to keep me out of my tights Spandex, I will keep living my life the way I have been. There is nothing out there that can change my mind about how I should feel when wearing something of this nature. I can’t imagine anyone coming up to me and giving me any reason to get me out of them, either. But I am glad that there aren’t a rash of muggings happening with people having their tights stolen from them at gun point. That could be one way of getting me out of them rather quickly. However, since I don’t ever see that happening, I feel pretty safe.


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Being Comfortable in Tights Spandex


Wearing tights Spandex under your clothing can be a very exciting thing to do. I have loved every second of wearing them as often as I possibly could, but there are moments when they can be a bit uncomfortable. The last time I went to the airport to catch a flight for work; I ended up being called into one of those rooms for a private security search. I think they knew what I was wearing under my clothes and they just wanted to get a better look at the body that I had underneath it.


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Trying to go through private security checkpoints while wearing tights Spandex is not only difficult but rather embarrassing as these people just don’t have a sense of humor about them. But every other time that I am wearing them; I enjoy them to the fullest. Just thinking about the way those tights make me feel is enough to make me want to put them on at any moment. In fact, I think I will go put them on right now before I finish writing this so that I can have the comfort that I enjoy so much.

Now that I have my tights Spandex on, I have decided that there is no possible way I could ever find a moment in life where they would be uncomfortable. I know that I was embarrassed and stuff with the security thing at the airport, but I was actually completely comfortable in them the entire time. I can’t see any reason why a guy like me would choose not to wear them every second of every day. This is the type of thing you are going to have to look forward to if you decide to get involved in this type of a fetish based lifestyle. Just think about the comfort, though, and you will want to wear one, too.

Size Matters When Wearing Tights Spandex

Size Matters When Wearing Tights Spandex

When it comes to my tights Spandex, I think that the tighter they are the better they feel. There is nothing better than feeling that tight Spandex on under my clothes as I am walking around town, which is something I do on a regular basis. I think more guys should be wearing these tights so that they can feel as good as I do every day. There are probably thousands of guys out there wearing them but I just can’t tell. On the other hand, if they are, then they know exactly what I am going through when I have mine on.


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When it comes to picking out your first pair of tights Spandex you need to make sure that you aren’t buying something that is too tight for you. If your tights are too tight, then they aren’t going to be comfortable at all. The sad thing is that most guys that get involved in something like this will end up purchasing tights that are too small for them. Once they get them on, they find that they aren’t exactly as comfortable as they thought they would be and it keeps them from moving forward with wearing them.

I did the exact same thing when I first started and figured that I would just have to buy something a bit bigger. I didn’t stop myself from trying out these tights Spandex items and give up altogether; instead, I looked for something a tad bit bigger and found exactly what I needed in size. Now I know what size I need to wear and it makes things a lot easier when I have to pick out some new ones. This is a little tip that will definitely come in handy for any guy looking to get involved in wearing tights for the first time ever.

Tights Spandex for Men Worldwide

Tights Spandex for Men Worldwide

Wearing tights Spandex suits is something that most people aren’t even aware of these days. Sure, there are a lot of guys in the world wearing them and I am one of them for sure, but there are still guys that have no idea that things like this exist. They aren’t seeing men walking around in tights on a regular basis so it doesn’t register in their minds that guys are actually wearing them. I know that men are wearing items like this because I am wearing one right now while I am writing this and I have never felt sexier.

For all those men that aren’t sure what tights Spandex suits are, I will tell you that they are the sexiest and most sensual clothing item I have ever felt against my skin. I have tried on some fairly interesting options in my life but nothing has even come close to matching the feeling of wearing Spandex in this form. Now it took me a little bit of time to get used to it, but I found that constantly wearing this Spandex was probably the easiest way of enjoying myself. You just have to learn how to get used to wearing them under your clothing while you are at work.

I have enjoyed wearing tights Spandex for a few years now and I believe that there are more guys out there wearing them than I could even imagine. While I don’t actually know of anyone else personally that wears items like this, I still like to think that I have dealt with some of them on a daily basis. The world is filled with men that are willing to put their comfort ahead of everything else in their lives and I would like to think that I belong to that group of men. Maybe you belong to them as well if you are wearing tights under your clothes. One day, we will be able to come out publically and I look forward to it.

Tights Spandex and the Right Fit

Tights Spandex and the Right Fit

Anyone that is interested in wearing tights Spandex will need to make sure they purchase some that will actually fit their body. You would be amazed at home many men in the world have thought that this would be something they would love to get involved in and made the mistake of purchasing something that was too big or too small. You probably would have an easier time wearing the ones that were too small for you as the ones that were too big would end up looking way too baggy to be considered Spandex by any definition.

The tights Spandex that I have purchased over the years usually turn out to be a tad bit too small for me, but I am still able to wear it out in public if I want to. You need to keep things like this in mind when you are picking out your items. If you don’t, then you are going to end up looking like a fool the second you step outside. Just imagine what people are going to start thinking about you if you can’t even pick out Spandex that fits your body properly. That is something you just don’t want to have to go through. To avoid that, be sure you get the right fit.


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Loving the Tights Spandex Look

Tights Spandex

Loving the Tights Spandex Look

If you are thinking about wearing tights Spandex for the first time, you might want to be aware of the fact that some of these items can be quite confining if you aren’t ready for something like that. I thought that wearing Spandex would be fun, but when I first tried on the tights that I had purchased, I realized that it was something that I needed to get used to wearing before going out in public. I must say that the tightness I felt was a bit different from what I was used to, but I was able to get accustomed to it after a few days.

The tights Spandex that I chose to wear looked highly erotic when I saw them online, but putting them on didn’t exactly flatter my body at all. I found out the hard way that I have to purchase certain styles of Spandex in order to actually look good while wearing them. Once I figured that out, though, I was able to find some other tights that made my body look as sexy as ever and that is what I wanted to begin with. It’s amazing what you can do when you actually put some effort into making yourself happy.


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Learn How to Wear Tights Spandex First

Tights Spandex

Learn How to Wear Tights Spandex First

Wearing tights Spandex items might be a bit more than some guys can handle. After all, you are wearing something that covers your body completely and is fairly tight. It’s also made out of Spandex, and that will show off every love handle and bump you might have on your body. If you are going to wear something like this, you need to make sure that you are either comfortable in your body or you have a work out plan in mind to make those love handles disappear. Of course, you can always wear them under your clothing and not worry about any of that.

If you do wearing your tights Spandex under your clothing, then you are going to need to make sure that you are comfortable in them before you go out in public. Tights are not the easiest things to adjust when you are out in public simply because they cover your body in such a way that it’s going to be quite noticeable. Just imagine what it would be like to try to adjust something under your clothing that doesn’t really want to move. You can see where there would be major problems with something like that if you were in some kind of business meeting or simply standing in line at the checkout counter of your local store. That’s why you need to learn how to wear them correctly before putting them on to wear in public.



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